Two exciting Women's Commission events this week
From: Shield, Emily (
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2018 10:04:22 -0700 (PDT)

Girl Power: All Dolled up

Thursday, June 7


Community Room Lower Level,

Cambridge Main Library


From Dora the Explorer to Kim Kardashian, this short documentary explores whether “girl power” is truly empowering to girls, or if it has been co-opted to mean something else.


Join a conversation with Cambridge film director, parent, feminist, activist and Cambridge Public Schools teacher Sarah Blout Rosenberg on how media influences the identity of girls growing up in America. We will watch the short film and then have a discussion. 


Many of the kids from the original film will be joining us to share their journey on this subject as they’ve moved from pre-teens and teenagers into their late teens and 20’s now! This is not to be missed!


**This Thursday is also CRLS graduation.  Parking may be tough, so plan accordingly**


Meet other wonderful women in our hive at Follow the Honey

(This is a Women in Cambridge business networking event)

Sunday, June 10

5:00 PM

 1132 Massachusetts Ave – Harvard Square


Time for a change of pace! Let's shift gears and journey to one of the most serene hidden gems of Harvard Square - the private back patio of Follow the Honey. Come for an evening of socializing, networking, and snacking, including a short presentation from Mary, Founder and CEO of Follow the Honey, and "apipreneur-inventor-bee tender".

Tasty munchies, along with delightful honey pairings, will be provided! The store is closed to the public, but open for us, so we will be able to chat and learn without the crowds of the past few Meetups.

Follow The Honey is not just a store, it's a honeybee-centric adventure illuminating the landscape, wildlife and humanity from whence its nectar flow originates.

(In case of rain, we will move inside the store.)



Emily Shield


Cambridge Women’s Commission

51 Inman St.

Cambridge, MA 02139


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